Why do you want to make a logo on stainless steel Angle?

Sometimes we will see the label made by the manufacturer on the stainless steel Angle, including the manufacturer, material, specification and so on. What is the purpose of making the label on the tube?  Star Good Steel Co., Ltd.  with you to understand it.  

Mark, Used for marking and identification. Stainless steel Angle manufacturers produce stainless steel Angle steel, in each 6m long pipe on 3-4 marks.  However, marking the pipe increases the processing process, lengthens the production time and increases the production cost. So time and energy consumption, why stainless steel Angle manufacturers will still do the logo on the stainless steel Angle?  

In order to better distinguish brands, deal with after-sales disputes  

If the purchased stainless steel Angle has quality problems, who should we look for?  With the logo we can very well solve this problem, can be very timely to find the manufacturer to solve the problem.  At the same time, the logo is also a manufacturer's reputation guarantee, word of mouth guarantee.  

1. Distinguish materials  

Stainless steel market chaos, 201, 304 true and false difficult to distinguish, material differences with the naked eye is generally difficult to distinguish.  The material type is printed on the steel pipe, and the material is clear at a glance.  

2, clear product specifications  

On the surface of stainless steel Angle steel hit specifications and models, so that customers more convenient to buy, clear what type of pipe fittings and pipes they need.  

Post time: Dec-22-2021